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Happy New Year!  I find that each new year seems fresh, like new-fallen snow.  It’s like a new canvas, at once blank and beckoning.  There are so many paths to take through the January snow and I am eager to put down my tracks.  But it’s easy to get lost in the opportunities.  So I…


The world seems to slow down in November.  Its a time of transition – for the seasons, for politics, and for people.  Leaves that were vibrant just a couple of weeks ago are now brown and shrivelled.  They litter the neighborhood, along with used campaign cards and candy wrappers.  Gone is the ruckus of little…

Learn a New Way

This summer I went to Provincetown, MA for vacation with friends.  The first week I spent time  painting with Hilda Neily.  Hilda teaches the Cape School of Art method of New American Impressionism. New American Impressionism was started by Charles Hawthorne, who saw the paintings of Claude Monet as the seminal point of modern painting.…

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