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Between the Lines

A line can be the entire drawing, showing the gesture of a figure, or a contour of a shape.  It can be the same value and width throughout, such as most cartoons.  A line can also be inferred, such as the horizon line, when no actual line is drawn, but colors and values change toContinue reading “Between the Lines”

In Living Color

There are many systems and methods for using color in our paintings.   One example, the Munsell color wheel, offers primary and secondary sets of colors that allow variety within families that are in harmony.  The old saying “Value does all the work but color gets all the glory” is sort of true.  If theContinue reading “In Living Color”

Value in Context

The value of a color or an object depends on what is around it.  If a light gray object is surrounded by white it will appear darker than if the same gray is shown against a black or very dark background.       You can try this yourself.  Divide a paper in two, half light,Continue reading “Value in Context”

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