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Creating art is a special activity that anyone can do. Years of study and intense practice have made me appreciate its simple joy and its meditative complexities. I hope you enjoy viewing the art you see here. Please leave me a comment, inquire about purchase, and share the link with your friends. Thank you for visiting!

Click on Artwork in the menu above menu to see art that I have created over the past few years in lots of different media. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to look for a particular kind of painting – or just click through all of them if you prefer:

  • Oil painting, pastel, drawing
  • Portraits, landscapes, still life and animals

Please browse, and if you see something you like please leave a comment. Leave your email if you would like to discuss a purchase. I would love to hear from you!

My weekly Blog will focus on art I like, art I have created, and artists I think people will want to know about. There are artists in history that changed the course of art-making and there are artists today who carry on that tradition. This blog will encourage me to learn more about them and to share what I learn with you. Sign up today!

© All work on the pages of this website is copyrighted as of March 26, 2021 and may not be used without written permission of Mickey Carlson.

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