Once upon a time I was a graphic designer. Occasionally that called for an illustration and recently I had the opportunity to try my hand at it again. The drawing below illustrates a story. This is the story of a rich man working in his garden who was invited by a neighbor to come to a party. As the hour was late he simply went dressed as he was. Unrecognized in his worn clothes, he was insulted by guests who thought he was a beggar. Then he was thrown out by the bouncer. He went home, showered and decided to teach them all a lesson. He dressed in his finest, including a rare and beautiful coat, and returned to the party. All who saw him tried to curry his favor, offering food and drink. “Feed my coat” he said, “because clearly that is what you value, not the person inside.” And he left.
This illustration was done for Jim Autry and Rick Autry, published in Every Day Virtues.

Rich Man and His Coat, 12″ x 18″ , Pen and ink, NFS
Drawings in ink or charcoal can be stunning and yet budget-friendly. Contact me to discuss commissioned portraits or illustrations. PayPal accepted.


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