It’s In Your Hands

It is difficult to write lightly and brightly when all around us there is chaos and unrelenting darkness.  I was thinking about this when out with friends to paint en plein air.  We do this every Saturday afternoon and it seems we have had flat gray skies every single Saturday in recent memory.  Its hard to distinguish forms or see much variation in values in light like this.  So, instead of my usual complaining, I just started making things up. Clouds that weren’t there gave interest to my sky.  Colors that were a far cry from the various greens I have been trying so hard to replicate from nature.  And I must say it was . . . FUN! 

     Careful observation and copying from what we see is important when learning to paint.  But I think the point of painting, as opposed to taking a snapshot, is to incorporate our hopes, dreams, memories and experiences into the work.  


Old Railroad Bridge at WaterWorks Park © Mickey Carlson

Personally I think its a good idea in life too.  Instead of letting present difficulties get us down, try to remember the fun and happiness from the past – and imagine what adventures lie ahead!  Today is July 4, 2022. Independence Day seems a good occasion to repeat a humble quote from A. Lincoln.  He was a President who led us during times that were arguably as difficult as those we face today when he said “Most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Yes there are things we cannot change.  But there are a lot of things we CAN change – so let’s do it! And in the meantime we can make the most joy of each day.  Thanks for reading my blog.  Please check out my website:

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