Learn a New Way

This summer I went to Provincetown, MA for vacation with friends.  The first week I spent time  painting with Hilda Neily.  Hilda teaches the Cape School of Art method of New American Impressionism. New American Impressionism was started by Charles Hawthorne, who saw the paintings of Claude Monet as the seminal point of modern painting. Today this method of learning to see is continued by Hilda Neily, Mary Giamarino, John Clayton and the Egli family.  This way of painting uses only color to create the painting.  No line, no value, no edges.  Really challenging for an academically trained painter like me.  And what a great experience!  I highly recommend everyone try something new and different, just to shake things up.  Here is the painting I call my “capstone” for the class.  For details please check out my website: MickeyCarlsonFineArt.com

Truro Cottages 3

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